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Credentials of LINSPACE Engineers



The principal engineer Ivan Lin has been actively promoting “User Experience Driven Engineering” or “User Experience Driven Architecture” for the last 10 years. As second tier specialists assisting the first tier designers (architects and interior designers), we actively study the usability of the spaces created and measure it against the definition of their intended functions. Ivan Lin chairs the Space Enabler Forum.


LINSPACE engineers understand office performance issues

Linspace engineers are active researchers in the relationship between staff work performance and environmental designs approaches.


LINSPACE engineers like good looking designs

LINSPACE engineers pay attention to the aesthetic design language of the spaces.  We believe that instead of “Form follow Function”, FUNCTIONS can be BEAUTIFUL FORMS.


LINSPACE engineers challenges the Norm.

LINSPACE engineers believe that even if Norm is OK, it does not mean Norm is acceptable. If any improvement in the space performance/cost ratio is possible, the Norm must be challenged.


LINSPACE engineers set standards

LINSPACE engineers assisted in drafting the following:

  • GBCSA Office Tool V1 IEQ12 Acoustic credits and GBCSA Retail Tool V1 Noise rating tool

  • GBCSA Interior Tool Pilot Acoustic Quality credits,

  • GBCSA Existing Building Performance Pilot Acoustic Quality Credits


LINSPACE engineers (possibly!) set records

  • Possibly world first deployment of large scale multi-media interface for Parliamentary Delegate System (Cape Town Parliament 2003)

  • Ivan Lin invented Intelligent Adaptive Multi-zone Sound Masking System (IAMSA). More than 150,000 sqm of successful deployment to date in SA.

  • Ivan Lin has been involved in the design of more than 10 parliamentary environments in SA and abroad (including UN), possible the most in the world.

  • LINSPACE engineers have been entrusted by the largest commercial building industry client base in SA.


LINSPACE is a B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor 





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