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We Are Recruiting!


LINSPACE is looking for individuals who
  • are passionate about science of sound and how we perceive it

  • have keen interests in architectural and interior space design

  • have keen interests in audio-visual technologies

  • are graduates with a BSc degree from a recognized university

  • are looking to carve a long and rewarding career as professional consultants in Building Acoustics and Space Enabling Specialists

Some absolutely non-negotiable qualities we are looking for
  • honesty, Integrity and ethics

  • compassion and respect

  • punctuality


We do not offer jobs, we create professions.


If you believe you fit in the above descriptions, we like to hear from you. This is learning career, if you are disciplined and are able to commit yourself to learning and practicing our profession, we would like to invest equally in you.


Tell us why you are interested in joining LINSPACE. 

Note this position is preferably Johannesburg based. 


Plese DO NOT call telephonically to enquire about this position, written submission only. Send your MOTIVATION and CV to

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